What is a Baby Shower and How is it Celebrated?

Baby Shower


In summary, a baby shower is a celebration where parents-to-be receive gifts and support from friends and family as they prepare for the arrival of their new baby. It’s a way to “shower” them with useful items and well wishes for their upcoming journey into parenthood.

The term “shower” refers to a kind of shower of things. However, this event is not just about gifts. The presence of guests at the party for a new life is also a form of gift. Future babies are gifted with presents and presence. The purpose is to offer goodwill towards the baby about to be born.

What does baby shower mean?

A baby shower is a celebration of life and means “to shower the parents with useful gifts for the baby.” These gifts will help in caring for and raising the baby more effectively and less exhaustively, so that mom and dad can have more time to enjoy the precious moments that will come during the first months of life.

Also, a baby shower is an event to celebrate in advance the arrival of a new family member. It is also a moment to help dad and mom, along with family and friends, prepare for the challenge of loving, caring for, and properly raising a baby.

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The original meaning of a baby shower

The origins of this celebration are very ancient, and depending on the country, it may be called by other names such as Birth Party, Pre-Motherhood Party, Baby Shower, or Baby Party. In some places, a similar event is held during the first weeks after childbirth.

Originally, only women were invited to share their experiences, advice, and lessons with the expectant mother. Nowadays, the gathering has become quite diverse. It can even be celebrated more than once for each child: one gathering with friends, another with family, and even with coworkers. Moreover, these gatherings now have a wide range of styles, ranging from small-scale events to high-end ones, combining old traditions with modern ones. However, from the planning to the execution of the event, we highly recommend keeping the focus on the mother and the new life growing in her womb, ensuring their comfort during the celebration.

Although initially it was exclusively held for the first child, nowadays, it’s customary to celebrate each of the children.

What happens at a baby shower?

Generally, the celebration takes place sometime between the seventh and eighth month of pregnancy when the sex of the baby is already known, which can be useful for deciding the style of decoration and gifts.

In general, it can be organized by family members, the mother’s friends, or the expectant parents. In many cases, according to etiquette, the baby shower is organized by someone other than the pregnant mother. Although a mother will truly need abundant supplies and accessories for the baby, she may want to avoid the appearance of asking for these gifts. The way to handle this situation tactfully is to have someone to help, the “Organizer.” However, the mother will always have the final say in all decisions.


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What is a Baby Shower and How is it Celebrated? Baby showers celebrate new life with useful gifts for parents-to-be. Originating
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What is a Baby Shower and How is it Celebrated?

What is a Baby Shower and How is it Celebrated?