Baby Shower on Wheels,
in Quarantine Times

Baby Shower

Eating, going to the movies, or visiting the bank without getting out of the car is something quintessentially American, which is increasingly spreading to other places. It was invented in the United States in the early 1930s. Today, in 2021, it represents a great alternative to celebrate a baby shower without exposing ourselves to unnecessary health risks.

‘Drive-thru’ style baby shower

This was the innovative celebration organized by fashion designer Sharazat Aguillón, as reported by the local Mexican newspaper El Sol de San Juan del Río. The mandatory and necessary isolation due to COVID-19 has stimulated the creativity of many people. In this event, a caravan of cars drove past the home of the Gonzalez Aguillón family to leave their gifts and messages of well wishes.

This strategy is also used in more institutional spaces. For example, in Knox County, Tennessee, the organization Knox County Right to Life organized a drive-through baby shower to support the Galesburg Women’s Pregnancy Center. This allows expectant mothers with very limited resources to receive assistance through this event.

As long as the appropriate and sufficient precautions are taken, this type of event should not pose a danger to the mother, baby, or their family and friends. Of course, the fundamental condition is that participants do not leave their cars, as that is the essence of a drive-through. Pass through without getting out.

This creative style of baby shower can be a temporary solution to mandatory isolation. It allows the family to receive, at least temporarily, emotional support from loved ones and, at the same time, material support in the form of gifts that will be very useful. Especially considering the significant increase in expenses that every family faces with the arrival of a new baby.

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Baby-car: Baby Shower on Wheels, in Quarantine Times The baby-car is a baby shower celebration where guests attend in their cars,
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Baby-car: Baby Shower on Wheels, in Quarantine …

Baby-car: Baby Shower on Wheels, in Quarantine Times