Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower

Basics of an Invitation

Before creating the card, it is important that we have decided on some basic issues: The date, time, and location will be the most important, as this information is essential to include in the invitation. It is possible to add more details such as the baby’s name if we have already decided. Although any other details are optional, our guests will appreciate receiving as much information as possible.

Information included in the card

Generally, a baby shower invitation includes the following:

Optional information that may be useful for guests:

Digital or Printed?

Digital is the trend. In addition, we can include several useful elements for the guests in a digital card, such as the gift list and Google Maps directions.

However, for formal events, it is still necessary to send printed invitations, which can be complemented with a virtual reminder.

When to send the invitation

Three to four weeks before the celebration is appropriate for informal events. This allows guests enough time to confirm their attendance and find an appropriate gift. However, it is always recommended to remind them again one week in advance.

For more formal events, invitations can be sent two months in advance.

Creating the Card

We have several options when it comes to creating a baby shower card. First, we need to decide whether we will deliver them printed or send them digitally. Then, we need to determine how much time we are willing to invest in the design or if we prefer to buy them already printed and fill them out by hand. Here are the alternatives for each option.

Virtual Invitations to Send via WhatsApp

baby shower invitations

Using WhatsApp to send baby shower invitations is the best strategy nowadays. There is an all-in-one option that allows us to select and instantly send digital invitations. We simply choose the card design we like the most, add the accompanying information, and send it!

This option is available here, in:
BABY Card, virtual invitation

Online Programs for Making Invitations

When we have enough time (and some design skills), we can use an online graphic design tool to create and personalize the card. For this, we have a wide variety of web applications available. Among them, Canva, Crello, and Adobe Spark are some of the most recommended options.

To choose the one that suits us best, we have a list of the best online apps: Websites for Creating Baby Shower Invitations.

Colors and Designs

The current trend is to move away from traditional pastel colors, especially the typical pink and blue for girls and boys. Neutral, unsaturated colors are currently on the rise. However, tradition is tradition, and the more classic styles will always be an alternative. It all depends on personal preferences and the overall style we have chosen for the baby shower. Designs and colors that make the new mom feel more comfortable will always be the best ones.

Make a baby shower invitation

Baby Shower Invitations
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Baby Shower Invitations ·COMPLETE GUIDE·

Baby Shower Invitations ·COMPLETE GUIDE·