Baby shower gift list?

Baby Shower

Baby showers always leave us with repeated gifts, very small sizes, unnecessary things… and many other nightmares.

But once we open the gift box, it’s too late, we can’t return the gift anymore… So we just stare at the tiny red pajamas with this expression:

Surprise gesture when receiving an unwanted gift

What am I supposed to do with this?

A gift list is the solution. Guests won’t need to stress over what to give, and we won’t have to deal with repeated or unexpected gifts. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

Create a gift list here

What to include in the gift list?

There are numerous ways to create the list. The key is to choose items that are highly practical and diverse, allowing guests to pick according to their preferences and budgets. Here are some categorized ideas.


  1. Baby food processor, Babycook.
  2. Baby tableware.
  3. Bibs.
  4. Bottle holder.
  5. Bottle warmer.
  6. Breast pump.
  7. Containers for carrying formula.
  8. High chair.
  9. Juice, water, and formula bottles.
  10. Nursing pillow.

Baby’s development

  1. Baby ball or Montessori ball.
  2. Baby gym or play mat.
  3. Bath toys.
  4. Bedtime storybook.
  5. Crib mobile.
  6. Developmental toy.
  7. Rattles.
  8. Silicone balls.
  9. Silicone cubes or teething blocks.
  10. Soft or cloth books.

For the nursery

  1. Album.
  2. Bedside crib or co-sleeper.
  3. Blankets.
  4. Changing pad.
  5. Crib or Infant Center.
  6. Crib sheets.
  7. Moses basket.
  8. Relaxing projector or White Noise Sound Machine.
  9. Rocking chair.
  10. Sound machine and soothing music.


  1. Bodysuits or onesies.
  2. Complete outfits.
  3. Hat.
  4. Mittens.
  5. Pajamas.
  6. Shorts.
  7. Socks.
  8. Soft shoes.
  9. Sweaters.
  10. T-shirts.


  1. Baby carrier or sling for outings.
  2. Car seat.
  3. Diaper bag or backpack.
  4. Stroller toys.
  5. Stroller.
  6. Travel changing pad.

Diaper changing

  1. Baby wipes.
  2. Diaper cream.
  3. Diaper pail.
  4. Diapers.
  5. Changing table or Baby Station.

Hygiene and care

  1. Anti-chafing or diaper rash protective cream.
  2. Baby cologne.
  3. Baby laundry detergent.
  4. Baby oil.
  5. Bath kit (Shampoo, soap, etc.).
  6. Bathtub.
  7. Cotton swabs.
  8. Cotton.
  9. Hairbrush.
  10. Hooded towel.
  11. Hot water bottle.
  12. Hygiene kit (Nail clippers, brush, etc.).
  13. Irritation protective cream.
  14. Lightweight formula shampoo.
  15. Mild and neutral baby soap bars.
  16. Moisturizing cream.
  17. Nail clippers.
  18. Nasal aspirator.
  19. Neutral soap bars.
  20. Petroleum jelly.
  21. Shampoo.
  22. Soap dish.
  23. Soap.
  24. Talcum powder.
  25. Teether.
  26. Thermometer.
  27. Toothbrush.
  28. Wet wipes.

Digital gift list

Utilizing modern technology, you can save time and provide a more convenient option for your guests by crafting an online gift registry. This approach allows them to effortlessly browse and select their preferred gifts. You can employ this user-friendly and cost-free tool to construct and share a personalized baby shower gift list:

Make a gift list

Baby Shower Gift List FAQ

Cash gifts are sometimes considered a solution for unexpected gifts or contributions. However, this may carry negative connotations.
According to etiquette, cash gifts are primarily recommended when recipients live in another city or country and can’t receive physical gifts.
Additionally, opting for cash gifts may dilute the magic and essence of the celebration, as the term ‘shower’ signifies being ‘showered’ with gifts during the occasion.

A gift list serves various crucial purposes:

  • Ensures receipt of desired gifts.
  • Assists guests in gift selection.
  • Prevents unwanted or duplicated gifts.
  • Eliminates the chance of receiving the same gift twice.
    Indeed, items like a crib or a stroller make excellent gifts, but having duplicates isn’t ideal. If you’re unsure where to create your baby shower gift list, our website offers recommendations or the option to add your preferred gifts.
Creating a baby shower gift list is a practical way to ensure you receive items you genuinely need and desire for your baby. It aids guests in selecting meaningful gifts while avoiding duplicates.
You can create a baby shower gift list online through various websites or apps designed for this purpose. Some platforms allow you to add specific items, while others provide recommendations based on categories.
Here we offer you a free tool to create a baby shower gift list.
Your baby shower gift list should encompass a range of baby care items, including clothing, nursery essentials, feeding supplies, and hygiene products. Organize the list into categories to simplify guest selection.

More ideas

Generally, it’s acceptable to request cash gifts if you live far from most of your guests or if you genuinely prefer financial contributions. However, consider the cultural norms and preferences of your guests, as some may prefer giving tangible gifts.
You can share your baby shower gift list via invitations, your baby shower website, or social media. Some online platforms also enable you to directly invite guests through email or messaging.
Here we offer you a free tool to create and share a digital baby shower gift list.
When creating a baby shower gift list, include a variety of items that will be useful for the baby and parents. This can encompass clothing, nursery essentials, feeding supplies, hygiene products, and even some baby toys or books. Organize the list into categories to make it easier for guests to choose. This Tip (above) provides valuable ideas for building your gift list.
Yes, creating a gift list for a baby shower is a common practice. It helps ensure that parents receive items they need and reduces the likelihood of receiving duplicate or unwanted gifts. It also makes it easier for guests to choose a meaningful gift. You can find valuable ideas for your gift list in this Tip (above).
When selecting a gift for a new mom at a baby shower, consider items that are both practical and considerate. You can opt for essentials like baby clothing, feeding supplies, or nursery items. Additionally, gifting developmental toys and books for the baby can contribute to the child’s early learning and development, making it a meaningful gesture.
The number of items on a baby registry can vary depending on personal preferences and needs. It’s a good idea to include a variety of items in different price ranges to accommodate guests with varying budgets. A typical registry may have anywhere from 50 to 150 items.
Baby shower gift etiquette involves selecting thoughtful gifts for the expectant parents and adhering to any specific requests they may have, such as items on their gift list. It’s important to consider the parents’ preferences and cultural norms when choosing a gift. Additionally, timely RSVPs and thank-you notes are essential aspects of baby shower gift etiquette.

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Baby shower gift list? Prevent baby shower gift letdowns with detailed gift lists, ensuring an
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Baby shower gift list?

Baby shower gift list?